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Your most trusted brand of automotive batteries

For over 50 years, Century Motolite Battery Sdn. Bhd. (CMB) has been providing motorists with tough, reliable and efficient automotive batteries. Today, Century is one of the pioneer and most recognised automotive battery brands in Malaysia.

In 2006, Century Motolite Battery Sdn. Bhd. (CMB) was acquired by Philippine Batteries Incorporated (PBI), one of the largest and most modern battery manufacturing facilities in South-East Asia. With this partnership, CMB is now fully supported by a state-of-the-art, innovative manufacturing facility is housed in an 18-hectare fully integrated facility that produces world-class automotive batteries.

Our international presence with strong footholds in the Asia region offers a competitive edge to our dealers and our reach has widened to include sales offices at every major town to ensure prompt and efficient services.

24 Hours Century Car Battery

In Malaysia, CMB has an extensive network of dealers throughout the Peninsula and East Malaysia and we also have an established foothold in the OEM market here. We are now supplying OEM batteries to the country’s major automotive car brands as well as the battery requirements of some of the government sectors.

At CMB, throughout our growth, we believe that long-lasting relationships are far more rewarding than short-term ones. That is why we value our customers and strive to upkeep the trust you have in our brand by giving you consistent quality products and services.

This, we believe will forge deeper, more profitable relationships that will stand the test of time and help move us forward into a bigger, brighter future.

Century Continental battery

If you own a continental vehicle, a higher standard of care is what your car requires. That is what Century Continental (MF) offers: high-performing, maintenance-free auto battery for continental vehicles, specifically engineered for more power and endurance to put your mind at ease

  • MAINTENANCE-FREE – No more worries about adding water
  • HIGH VIBRATION RESISTANCE – Optimal separator thickness and improved container cell design to provide snug fit of elements for more robustness from vibration.
  • FLAME ARRESTORS – Protect against possible explosions due to sparks outside the battery by minimising gas venting
  • IMPROVED CORROSION RESISTANCE – Improved grid alloy to improve grid corrosion resistance and improved plates and formation processes to minimize grid corrosion.
  • DURABLE BATERY CASE – Built to increase resistance to sudden movements and withstand impact
  • BUILT-IN HANDLES – Conveniently placed to help move or transport battery safely and with ease
Century Marathoner Battery

Century Marathoner, the superior heavy duty MF battery on the market. The all new design enhances your driving experience by providing a worry-free and reliable performance. Century Marathoner, built tougher, lasts longer.

    – Enhances active material component cohesiveness and allow active material compounds to expand freely.
    – A more complete reaction of the active materials and acid; generating higher and consistent power.
    – Maximum contraction during the charging/discharging process without breaking the bonds holding them together; allowing it to be Built Tougher.
    – Expanded Positive and negative Lead-Calcium-Tin Alloy Grid, that allow the grids of the plates to have finer grain structure vs cast grids.
    – The finer grain structure minimizes the sulfuric acid’s ability to corrode the “hollow spaces in the grid structure” and the result is longer battery service life.
  • HIGH CRANKING POWER– Low electric resistance separators boosts current flow for quick, efficient and High Cranking Power.
  • LONGER SERVICE LIFE– The Lead Calcium-Tin alloy, Labyrinth design and gas liquid recombination covers, resulting to lower water loss and longer service life.
  • HIGH VIBRATION RESISTANCE – Optimal separator thickness and improved container cell design to provide snug to fit to elements for more robustness from vibration.
Century Hybrid Battery

Century Hybrid is an exceptional auto battery that utilises a distinctive lead calcium alloy technology to offer reliable power for heavy duty use at an affordable price.

  • High cranking and increased reserve power capacity
  • Minimal terminal and post corrosion
  • Consumes less water
  • Low maintenance and high performance battery

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