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Car Battery Issues?

It’s another day, and you need to get to work or drop your kids at school; perhaps you need to run a quick errand. Then you step into your vehicle, and alas, it is refusing to start. Unsurprisingly, this situation is pretty common for car owners. However, no one can deny that it can be a frustrating experience. In most cases, the culprit for this incident is the car battery. It either low or bad. In this post, we will be discussing signs for car battery replacement, the cause of bad battery, steps to change your battery, and much more. At the end of this post, you will know how to prevent and deal with car battery issues.

Car Battery Replacement

Signs You Need To Replace Your Car Battery

There are usually signs of car battery failure before the eventual incident of your car not starting. Below are some of the common signs to watch to note.

Car Battery Age

It might appear as an apparent reason, but car owner often tends to ignore it. A battery older than three years has a high chance of failing compared to a newer one. So, after the third year, we recommend you see a battery specialist often for maintenance or start preparing to buy a new battery.

Slow Start

Perhaps, you notice that it takes a bit longer to get your car started from time to time. Sometimes, this might be the result of harsh weather. Under extreme heat, your battery fluid can evaporate, leading to internal corrosion. Meanwhile, cold weather can slow down your battery’s chemical process. Nevertheless, this slow-down effect affects older batteries more. New car batteries are still very much active and would not cause a slow start.

Lack of Activity

Sometimes, you might need to travel out of town or stay home for an extended period, like during the lockdown. Either way, you won’t be using your car for a while. In such cases, the lack of activities can deplete your car battery. When your car in use, your car recharges your car battery. So, if left unused, the power depletes, and you will need to renew your battery again.

Dashboard Lights

Moderns cars often come with a feature that alerts the car owner of a faulty battery. The dashboard lights are that feature. So, whenever your vehicle senses a battery fault, the dashboard illuminates to alert you to a defective battery. At that point, you can call a battery to expect help or replace the battery altogether.

Residue Buildup

Due to the chemical reaction that happens when your battery discharges power. After a while, there will be some residue around its terminal. It could be aluminium sulfate or copper sulfate.


Always look out for swelling as it can be dangerous should the battery explode. The swelling is often due to overcharging, heat or some manufacturer defect.

What Else Can Stop My Car From Starting?

When your car refuses to start, most times, it could be the battery. However, there are times where there could be other reasons for your vehicle not starting. Below are some other reasons why your car may not start:

Car Battery Delivery PJ

Faulty Alternator

If you replaced your battery recently and then your car refuses to start after a while. You may have a terrible alternator. The alternator is what charges the battery when on the move. If it is bad, your battery will continue to discharge till it runs out of power.

Starter Problems

The name already tells you that the starter is a device that starts your car. Should you have a bad starter, even will a full car battery, your car would not start.

If you are in Petaling Jaya or Klang Valley and are unsure why your car isn’t starting, our experts are ready to help. Should you require a car battery replacement, we offer car battery delivery services. We can either jumpstart your vehicle or replace the old battery.

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